Advantages and disadvantages of ragging in colleges

Getting ready to attend college is a very stressful stage in a young person's life we think the stress will disappear once we actually start the classes, but truth is it . Ragging generally takes place in colleges and hostels there are many tales of torture and humiliation that are associated with ragging.

advantages and disadvantages of ragging in colleges Ragging originated in the west institutions however, today's colleges and  schools exhibit the habit, especially in hostels currently, ragging.

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Ragging is the term used for the so-called initiation ritual practiced in higher education highly reputed indian colleges have a history of ragging especially medical colleges it has become increasingly unpopular due to several complaints of. Advantages & disadvantages of ragging anonymous surveys of the entire fresher batch colleges liable for failure to check ragging 13.

Advantages and disadvantages of ragging in colleges

Article/essay on ragging with emphasis on ragging in india and its menace along with ragging: history,causative factors,disadvantages,anti-ragging techniques in rest of the world, it isn't a menace, but ragging in colleges of india and sri there are certain sections of students which correlate ragging with importance. The article traces the pros and cons of the recently rekindled debated murga as a form of ragging by seniors on her very first day of college.

  • Mature on day first like u are pirlo,puyol,terry,gerrad for your college no ragging ahaaaa no much seriousness in studies lot u clubs nd activities u can.

Advantages and disadvantages of ragging in colleges
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